Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free Dry In Your Laundromat: Does It Really Work?

I'm often asked if offering free dry is a good idea in a Laundromat; does it really draw in customers.  As a woman I can tell you that "FREE" carries a lot of weight.  The short and simple answer is that Free Dry Laundromats do increase volume and attract attention.
My buddy Mercedes is a perfect example of someone who loves Free Dry.  In fact, she loves anything that she can get for free.  She'll ask me to ride with her to Newport Beach to a free sandwich with the purchase of one of equal value.  Free has a huge impact on women (maybe men as well, but I can only verify it impacts women plenty)  Discount, Free, Special are three of my favorite words.  Free is best!

One study conducted some years ago involved three similar Laundromat locations.  One was priced 50 cent wash and 50 cent dry.  A second was 75 cent wash and 25 cent dry.  The third was $1.00 and free dry.  The volume in the free dry store increased tremendously.  Free dry in Laundromats works.

Additional benefits include:  a much quicker collection process, since the dryers to not have to be collected.  An ability for your Laundromat customer to determine their final cost in using your Laundromat to wash their clothes.

The downside problems of free dry in a typical Laundromat increase utility expenses, people who only dry and do not wash in your Laundromat and finally people seldom report when the dryers fail to heat.

The new line of very high speed washers sold by Wascomat, Electrolux and Continental Girbau allow the reintroduction of the free dry concept to Laundromats.

The Hispanic belief is that a germicidal benefit is achieved when clothes are put out in the sun to dry.  In fact, this is actually scientifically true.  Any remaining bacteria is killed by the rays of the sun.  This is the ultimate "free dry" but a clothes lines and clothes pins are unlikely to attract much happiness if you promote "free dry" in your Laundromat by offering a clothes line out the back door. :)

Hope this attracts some comments from others who have benefited or fail to benefit from the "free dry" Laundromat concept.

-The Latina Laundromat Advisor

Mercedes loves FREE anthing including sunshine :)

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