Sunday, July 10, 2011

Uniforms And Aprons For Laundromat Attendants

Available in many different colors
Most people tell me that a professional looking attendant adds to a feeling of style and security in a Laundromat.  I believe they look good and help your customers find the attendant quickly if they need any help in using the machines, getting change or a refund.
I have found that the best – and most inexpensive -  way to provide your attendants with a professional look is to buy some matching aprons.

They retail for around $8.50 each, and the source I’ve used is Happy Chef Uniforms (  A badge – or name tag – with the attendants name on it helps personalize the contact between customer and attendant.
Some Laundromat owners insist on having the name of their Laundromat printed on their attendant’s aprons.  It adds to the cost and may not provide additional benefit.

My girlfriend Melina is one of those people who believe she must personalize every aspect of her life.  She makes her own clothes, and when her uncle – who owns a Laundromat with three attendants – decided to explore buying aprons for the staff.  Melina insisted she be given the chance to design them herself.

After a number of design prototypes here’s the one she showed to her Uncle Marvin.   She eliminated the pockets and created a design that could fit into a Disney production of Snow White.

Attractive, but at $35.00 a copy, they are unnecessarily expensive.  Melina also ignored the fact that every attendant might not  have her hour glass figure – or perhaps more of the sand may be in the bottom of the glass of some attendants – so uniforms - or special designs - should first be practical for a variety of body shapes and sizes.
I recommend you buy aprons, not T-shirts – another popular option – or uniforms, because the majority of attendants appreciate the look and fit of an apron.  They are long-lasting – buy two for each attendant – and only a little more expensive than T-shirts.

Aprons are also unisex, so both your male and female attendants can wear them.  If you buy the ones with pockets in the front your staff will have a convenient place to keep their attendant keys and refund money.
Aprons can improve the look of your Laundromat for a very reasonable price.  On the other hand, you could hire Melina to design an outfit for your Laundromat, or just have her wear one of her outfits in your Laundromat.  ;)
                                                -The Latina Laundromat Advisor

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